1 Zi-collagen (60 Capsules 512 mg) + 1 Zi-omega 3 (30 Softgels 1,000 mg)

Zi-Collagen (with Phytoceramides)

Zi-collagen supports increase in the amount of collagen and elastin that the body naturally produces. Elastin is essential for ensuring that your skin remains in a healthy and young state. While collagen is there to keep the skin firm, reduce the marks and wrinkles that come with aging, minimize the loss of elasticity and helps the skin to look smoother and more hydrated.

Has phytoceramides as a primary component, these are lipids that make up the outer layer of the skin (protecting and keeping the skin hydrated). As we mature the levels of ceramides will decrease making the skin more prone to damage and result in signs of aging.

Zi-omega 3

Zi-omega 3 helps revitalize and rejuvenate the skin and decrease the melanin synthesis to improve and maintain proper skin tone therefore making it looks smooth, radiant, hydrated, soft and flawless.

Support the skin collagen production which helps prevent lines and sagging from forming.

Zi-omega 3’s vital ERP and DHA content is useful to improve skin diseases like psoriasis, allergies and acne.

1 Zi-collagen (60 Capsules 512 mg) + 1 Zi-omega 3 (30 Softgels 1,000 mg)

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  • Take 1 capsule of Zi-collagen daily with a glass full of water

    Take 1 capsule of Zi-omega 3 daily with a glass full of water


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